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Katech camaro

Does the name Katech mean anything to you? Corvette Racing alone just recently racked up their 99th victory in program history and will soon make it an even ; an outstanding record considering the highly competitive GT class in which the Corvette competes.

Katech-powered vehicles have put the beat down on almost everything the world has to offer, from Aston Martins to Dodge Vipers. They have powered six 24 Hours of Le Mans wins five of which were 1,2 victoriesan overall victory at the Rolex 24 at Daytona in and four straight American Le Mans Series championships. R was also named Global Motorsport Engine of the Year. Callies forged h-beam connecting rods link the crank to the Diamond forged alloy slugs.

Katech CNC-ported heads, featuring high-lift valve springs and titanium valve spring retainers, speed fresh atmosphere into the cylinder where the compressions has been bumped to A custom-ground Katech bumpstick, governed by a VVT limiter, tickles the valves.

Modified direct-port fuel injectors handle the added fueling requirements while the stock injection pump keeps them suppled with fresh octane. However, if ordered as a crate motor, it will require some dyno tuning at your local speed shop. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. We'll send you the most interesting LSX Magazine articles, news, car features, and videos every week.

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Developed with strategic partner Xtreme-DI, the system adds a secondary, direct injection fuel pump to the original factory OEM fuel system. Under their agreement, Xtreme-DI developed the secondary pump and pump control electronics. Katech integrated the secondary pump onto the engine utilizing the front engine belt drive, provided the required engine ECU calibration, and validated the system both on the engine and chassis dyno.

The horsepower on this installation was limited by the airflow available from the engine supercharger. Combined with twin turbochargers, or a solution providing similar airflow, the current version of the system is capable of 1, horsepower at the wheels, and 1, horsepower at the flywheel with E85 fuel. With race gas, the numbers climb to 1, and 1, respectively.

Development is underway on a larger fuel injector that will push the system to 2,plus horsepower to the flywheel for LT engines capable of that power. We are literally adding another fuel pump, which doubles the flow. We can also triple or quadruple the flow as well. The system is extremely modular, which gives us a lot of options to pursue better performance and higher horsepower. The more area you have under the curve, the more usable power you have.

Provided you can supply the necessary airflow, our system enables big torque gains across the entire engine operating range. The Katech Xtreme-DI System fully integrates with the factory engine computer, providing all degrees of freedom for controlling fueling, in terms of minimum injection durations, pressure levels, idle stability, and so on. We add a second pump that was built to the same OEM standards. So we believe it is more durable than other solutions on the market.

We believe this partnership brings together two leaders in the automotive aftermarket space to create something real and extreme for car owners that want everything. You save. Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best. Email Required. Review Subject Required.

katech camaro

Comments Required. Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Katech is in process of validating these numbers with a system on a twin-turbo LT engine. Width: Choose Options.

katech camaro

Add to Cart.Select an option Purchase now and earn Reward Points. Wayne Logan verified owner — March 30, Great communication and even a text from Gwatney Performance letting me know it shipped! Jessika verified owner — January 9, We cannot say as we have not built that specific combo.

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See All FAQs. Rated 5. Reviews 2. Rated 5 out of 5. Q Will this throttle body work with the edelbrock e force ? Answered by the admin We cannot say as we have not built that specific combo. A We recently installed a NW on a 6th Gen with the Edelbrock and did not need to do any clearance work.

I would image the same would be true for the Katech!All rights reserved. More on this:. Up Next. This is where Katech Performance stepped onto the scene with the Stage 4 upgrade package, translating to RWHP and rear-wheel torque. The list of modifications include CNC ported heads, supercharger, and snout, the mm throttle body, K-Force 2 camshaft, ATI damper, upper and lower pulleys of the supercharging system, as well as the Roto-Fab air intake system. A serialized plaque rounds off the list, which is understandable considering how much it costs to upgrade an already expensive car like the ZL1 1LE.

If we assume a percent loss from the driveline, the crankshaft numbers for this Camaro would be horsepower and pound-feet, give or take a few for both metrics. For that money, Chevrolet is much obliged to add front dive planes, a more aggressive front splitter, black hood wrap, carbon fiber inserts, low-gloss black mirrors, dark taillamps, inch gloss-black forged aluminum wheels wrapped in Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R rubber, red calipers with the 1LE logo, DSSV dampers and performance suspension, as well as an auto-dimming rearview mirror.

The thing is, Dodge has more suck-squeeze-bang-blow to provide from the 6. You will only receive our top stories, typically no more than 5 per day yes no.A engine is nearly as synonymous with the Corvette as fiberglass. Decades ago, a variety of s powered the most powerful models of the factory supercar era, while in the past decade or so, the cubic-inch LS7 helped bestow instant legend status on the C6 Z Chevrolet no longer offers a in the Corvette, as even the latest, greatest Z06 uses a forced-induction cube version—dubbed LT4—of the Gen V small-block family.

In fact, for owners likely to put their Corvette through its paces in track day events or even on a more structured racing schedule, a naturally aspirated engine is often preferred over forced induction. Longtime Corvette racing and street-performance engine builder Katech has had more than a little experience developing track-focused engines, particularly those based on the LS7.

And with right around horsepower, it exceeds the LT4 in maximum output.

katech camaro

Previously, Katech had dropped a 4. Stretching the bores as far as needed required cutting out the stock sleeves, boring out the block slightly and re-sleeving it.


A time-consuming and admittedly costly procedure, but Harding says the results were worth it. Katech has also swapped the stock intake for an MSD Atomic AirForce manifold and capped it with one of their new mm throttle bodies.

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They used ported heads, but the combustion chambers and the unique topography of the factory piston head design are left essentially untouched to ensure compatibility with the direct-injection fuel system. It relies on the shape of the piston head to direct the fuel spray from the injector.

GM spent zillions of hours getting it just right and altering it can cause significant performance and driveability issues. Nevertheless, the dyno performance and overall tractability of the engine suggested they nailed the grind just right.

Harding did tell us that the lobe profile was very similar to their popular K for the LS7, which is very driveable on the street. Katech expects comparable or better driveability on the LT1 due to direct injection. Note the secondary scavenge pump mounted on the engine. The stock internal scavenge and pressure pump remains, but the secondary external dry-sump pump pulls oil out of the crankcase and into the dry-sump tank very quickly. Katech will sell the LT1 with the factory dry-sump system for street cars and with the enhanced dry-sump system for track cars.

And while dropping this engine in a C7 Stingray is a no-brainer, it also sounds like an even better choice for the new Grand Sport. Its Zderived chassis package and this hp naturally aspirated sound like the ingredients for road course, or freeway, supremacy.

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The Katech LT1 starts with the stock block as its foundation, but its iron cylinder sleeves stretch to only 4. To accommodate the 4. Made of centrifugally cast ductile iron, the replacement sleeves offer a tensile strength of around ksi versus the approximately 30 ksi tensile strength of the conventional gray cast iron used in most OE engines.

Ductile iron is also relatively plastic, meaning it flexes more than comparatively brittle cast iron, which helps prevent cracking of the sleeves. Katech uses a rigid Callies forged steel crankshaft with a 4. The cross-bolted nodular iron main caps are tightened down with factory torque-to-yield fasteners that provide excellent clamping strength and location accuracy. Thanks to the standard variable valve timing system, achieving significant power gains in an LT1 engine is much tougher with a basic camshaft swap.

The pistons are an exclusive forged aluminum design made for Katech by Diamond Pistons. The compression ratio for the strokerhowever, is raised from the stock Forged Callies Compstar H-beam connecting rods provide greater strength than the factory rods and feature the stock 6. Compared to previous LS engines, the LT1 has a unique windage tray design with an oil scraper designed to improve oil flow control and bay-to-bay breathing.

It requires a bit of clearance enhancement to prevent interference with the connecting rods. Camshaft degreeing is vitally important in an engine with variable valve timing, and Katech uses this super-trick, electronically measuring apparatus to do the job.

Katech has also developed a new valley block-off plate to replace the stock version, which has provisions for Active Fuel Management. The LT1 cylinder head design represents another significant departure from the LS architecture.We know, advertisements are annoying and slow down the internet. Unfortunately, this is how we pay the bills and our authors.

We would love for you to enjoy our content, we've worked hard on providing it.

Katech – 103MM Throttle Body (GEN 5 LT1 / LT4 / LT5)

Please whitelist our site in your adblocker, refresh the page, and enjoy! Katech went to work adding their Level 4 upgrade package, which includes CNC porting the stock cylinder heads, also porting the supercharger and snout, upgrading the camshaft with a new K-Force 2 replacement, a new mm throttle body, and including a Roto-Fab air intake system. Most importantly, the supercharger drive pulley was replaced with an ATI damper, and the crank pulley was beefed up as well.

According to the video published late last week, the now breathed on Katech ZL1 1LE was making hp and lb-ft of twist at the rear wheels when it left the shop. It might not be as insane as the Hennessy kitswhich can boost output past the 1, hp mark.

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What do you do with the fastest road legal Chevrolet Camaro to ever leave the factory? GM Authority is looking for professional automotive journalists with at least three years of experience to join our rapidly-growing team. More details here. December 25, at am. Old Trombone says:. Vlad says:. December 25, at pm. KGF says:. May 12, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

GM Authority Newsletter Subscribe for free to receive our daily newsletter in your inbox. First Name. Last Name.Katech works with management of an existing or new race series to develop vehicle packages, series spec engines, conformance testing, engine control software, team training, track support, and overall process improvements. On demand, Katech can then follow through with program management for the series, ensuring that inventory, testing, technicians, and other resources are in place to keep the series running smoothly.

Katech draws on its 40 years of racing to develop engines that meet exacting performance requirements and regulations. We maintain a full-service CNC laboratory and six test laboratories to modify existing engines to series spec, and to validate performance. GM built its legendary Corvette Racing Program on the insight and technical innovation of Katech engine developers and builders.

That same expertise continues to be sought today by race series throughout the world. If you need an engine built, Katech has the master engine builders to meet your needs and surpass your expectations. Katech engines are assembled using a rigorous step process that is documented and kept on file at Katech for the life of the engine. To meet the most demanding performance requirements, Katech performance testing labs are available, as required, to provide valvetrain dynamics testing; cylinder head flow testing; dynamometer durability testing and track simulation; engine calibration MEFI4 ; and much more.

Disassemble, wash and inspect parts Crack check using Magnaflux ferrous metals or Zyglo non-ferrous metals if necessary Chase all threads in cylinder case and clean Measure main bores, line hone if necessary Measure lifter bore clearance Measure cylinder bore Hone cylinder bores using deck plates Measure bore finish with profilometer Weigh pistons, connecting rods, rod bearings, pins, locks and rings to determine crankshaft bobweight Balance crankshaft Polish crankshaft journals Tack weld crankshaft trigger wheel Hone piston pin bores and connecting rod small end Polish piston pins excl.

DLC-coated pins Deburr piston round wire locks Measure ring lands for back clearance Deburr piston ring ends Gap piston rings Measure main journals with air gauge Measure big end of connecting rods with air gauge, hone if necessary Size main bearings with air gauge Measure connecting rod bolt stretch Size rod bearings with air gauge Measure crankshaft endplay Measure piston pin endplay Measure connecting rod side clearance Check piston to deck height Deck block if necessary.

CC piston dome volume CC cylinder head chamber volume Deck heads if necessary CC intake port volume CC exhaust port volume Measure valve guide clearance Measure valve spring pressure and coil bind Check valve spring retainer to seal clearance Polish camshaft Measure camshaft specs with EZ Cam Degree camshaft Measure piston-to-valve clearance Measure valve radial clearance Measure vertical valve drop Measure camshaft endplay Measure lifter preload to determine pushrod length Calculate compression ratio Torque all fasteners to spec Document all measurements and torques in engine build book Perform engine dynamometer validation.

Hot hone cylinder bore honing at operating temperature Piston ring land flatness measurement to the millionth of an inch Hardness testing Bore cylindricity measurement using PAT Incometer Valvetrain dynamics testing Cylinder head flow testing Dynamometer durability testing and track simulation Engine calibration MEFI4. A key part of Katech track support is race data acquisition and analysis, and calibration support for several data acquisition systems:.

Francis began racing with Katech engines in the TA4 class inand became the youngest driver ever to win TA championship in Last year in TA2, teams running Katech engines grabbed two wins and saw the podium ten times.

Katech will continue to be active in Trans Am inso watch for posts on our results! Katech firmly established its racing roots when it was selected to develop the C5-R race engine for General Motors. The engine was originally a 6. Katech responded with a 7. Corvette Racing debuted an all-new car, the C6.

R, in Katech was once again chosen to be the engine supplier and developed the LS7. Katech launched its racing legacy in ASA, with the first six-cylinder engine ever to run in the series. When ASA turned to spec engines, Katech provided their development and supported the series with track support.

Typically, Bonneville Salt Flats records are isolated to straight-away speed. And, normally, Katech delivers high-performance engines providing thousands of durable miles — not just a few miles of top-end speed. We delivered. Katech was asked to develop the engine for the Ronn Bailey Motorsports team competing in the Dakar rally.

Its brutal conditions make finishing the race an honor. The engine delivered through seven stages before gearbox problems forced them to retire. The first year on the track, the team achieved runner-up finishes in both team and driver standings. The second season they slammed it, winning four races and capturing all three championships — for the team, the drivers, and for manufacturer Pontiac.

In essence, Katech began competing against itself!

katech camaro

No problem. In 64 races, from tothere was only one engine failure — when a driver over-revved the engine when his vehicle became stuck in mud off-track. All these achievements were accomplished with multiple teams using a variety of drivers. The Renault Le Car program choose Katech to rebuild an engine for a performance power vehicle. In their very first race, at Sebring, Cadillac captured the first and second pole positions.

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The team then went onto three victories.

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