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Thanks to a proposed budget cut to what's officially known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program SNAPfood stamps and military members have recently been a hot topic. Yes, you heard me correctly: food stamps and military members. According to a report from the Government Accountability Office, more than 23, active-duty troops used the food stamp program inthe last year for which such information was available.

In fact, data published by the USDA says that about 2, military members used the program inin direct contradiction to the information given to the GAO.

We don't know why. By far the biggest question I have received in the series of news interviews I've done on the subject is something like this:. The food stamp program currently provides assistance to individuals who qualify based on a combination of income and household size.

It's basically impossible to make generalizations about who qualifies because each state administers the program a little differently, but the USDA does offer a chart that shows some general income guidelines. Let's put it this way: Anyone who works anything even close to a minimum-wage job and has any number of other people in their household, such as children, likely qualifies for SNAP.

Many, many hard-working Americans -- 13 percent of the entire population inaccording to USDA data -- qualify for food stamps. New school teachers, janitors, bus drivers, retail workers and your neighbors may all qualify for food stamps. In short, food stamp users don't look like the stereotype likely in your head.

And some of them wear U. Whether a family qualifies for food stamps has everything to do with household income level compared to household size.

For military members, that means very junior troops -- on the bottom of the military pay scale -- with a few kids and stationed in a low cost-of-living area likely qualify for SNAP. The bigger the household and the more junior the member, the more likely they are to qualify. A political hot potato, the question of just why it is military members are paid so little that they qualify for SNAP likely has to do with how the compensation system was designed or, more specifically, who it was designed to pay.

I wasn't a fly on the wall when all of this stuff was hashed out.

snap army

Heck, I probably wasn't even alive. But I can tell you that new troops aren't always fresh faced and straight out of high school.

Many of them are. But sometimes new recruits come in with families as a change in profession, a trend that you can imagine may have slightly increased during the U.

There are many, many people who believe the military compensation system must be modernized to offer better wages. I'll leave that debate to them. While any troops or military families going hungry -- or any Americans at all, for that matter -- are too many, the percentage of military families on food stamps is peanuts compared to the American population at large.

Inthe last year for which we have such data, 1. The Basic Allowance for Housing allotment is factored into the food stamp income calculation.

That means troops who live in high cost-of-living areas where they receive -- and spend -- more BAH likely don't qualify when they arguably need the benefit the most, while those in very low-cost places do qualify. Some anti-hunger advocates think this is a huge mistake, and legislation has been offered on the Hill in the past to change that.

That effort stalled last year when a single congressman refused to provide a rules waiver that would allow the proposal to be moved through the defense committee instead of the agriculture committee, which typically oversees SNAP changes. When a permanent change-of-station move PCS forces yet another career change, sometimes it's time to make it a bold one The secretary of defense announced that the stop-movement order in place for all military personnel and their families.

Whether troops get to keep the pays is ultimately up to each service's top officials, a new memo notes. The 1, recruits on hold because of the novel coronavirus pandemic will likely be paid as privates.

Training on new satellite terminals is a "SNAP" for the 307th in Hawaii

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snap army

Take your team to a new Level. Talk to a Snap-on Level 5 representative today! Error: Form not submitted!This year will be the th meeting between these two storied rivals. While the bowl games have already been decided, there will be plenty on the line on Saturday besides just pride. When: 3 p. How to watch: CBS. Navy enters this game ranked No. They will play the Liberty Bowl on Dec. It has not been a bad season for Army so much as it has been a frustrating one.

SIx of their seven losses have been by single digits including a three-point loss to Michigan in the Big House. After Navy enjoyed a game win streak against the Black Knights, the longest streak between the two rivals, Army has responded with three straight wins of its own.

The Commander-in-Chief Trophy is the rivalry trophy shared between the three service academies. Army is the current holder of the trophy, but they cannot win it outright after losing to Air Force earlier in the year. Navy beat Air Force which means they have a chance to reclaim it with a win over the Black Knights.

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Navy currently has the longest drought as the Midshipmen have not won the trophy since Air Force last had it in Should Army win on Saturday, the academies will be in a three-way tie and Army will retain the trophy as the current holder. Both Army and Navy run the option offense which means a whole lot of running and not much passing offense. When you rely that much on the ground game, you better be able to do it well and both of these teams do.

The Black Knights enter this game with the second-best rushing offense in the country with There is only one team that averages more and that team just so happens to be their opponent. Navy boasts Army and Navy also rank th and th respectively in passing offense so there is no real distinct advantage there. Offensively, these teams appear to be about as even as you can be.

The advantage then is on defense where Navy has the edge. The MIdshipmen have held their opponents to Probably the best uniform drop video ever for Army before their upcoming game against Navy pic. Forged by history, bound by brotherhood. They even considered trading up to get her. Over her four years, she rose to the No. Just one pick later and her hometown Washington Mystics would have had the opportunity to draft her.SNAP, also known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, is intended to help low-income families buy food and keep their loved ones fed.

More than 20, military families are included in the numbers of those who need SNAP to make ends meet. SNAP is approved or denied on that basis. One of the flaws of this program, at least where military communities are concerned, is the way that income is calculated using both military base pay and certain non-taxable allowances.

The BAH payments military members receive for living off-base and in the local community are considered an entitlement for military service. Those who join the military in the 21st century are not necessarily the single, just out of high school recruits the Defense Department has relied upon in the past. New demographics for military service include far more families, but can the military compensation system keep up? There is an alternative offered by the Defense Department military families in need should explore as another option which we will examine below.

Until the military pay and allowance system is addressed for the needs of the 21st century military family, such issues are likely to continue being sources of debate. SSI benefits are not included in this resource cap.

Retirement and pension plans are also exempt. SNAP has income limits for both gross income and net income, based on the number of people in the household. The applicant must generally meet both requirements to qualify.

SNAP has work requirements in order to become or remain eligible for the program. They include, but may not be limited to the following:. Other requirements include working or participating in a work program for at least 20 hours per week. This participation is required to receive benefits for more than three months in a month period. Children, senior citizens, those who are pregnant, and those who have physical or mental health issues are exempt from this. It is calculated based on income and household size.

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SNAP recipients receive a debit card and is used for food items only. The balance of the debit card is replenished by the government. Military members using FSSA get their cash paid directly to them.

Comparatively the funds are not subject to SNAP restrictions on what may be purchased.

snap army

FSSA applications require income and household size information. Eligibility is determined depending on a variety of factors including the nature of military service.

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It may also change eligibility for school lunch programs, earned income tax credits, and other benefits. Tax code for both federal and state income taxes change frequently. Drill periods are not included.An estimated 23, U. Amy Bushatz has covered food assistance and military families for Military. She joins us now from Palmer, Alaska. Thanks so much for being with us.

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SIMON: I think a lot of people are wondering how could it be that the families of people who are serving their country in the U. BUSHATZ: So when you come into the military, that compensation system has not kept up with how the force has changed and how military families have changed. You're no longer looking at, say, a 17 or 18 year old kid right out of high school with no family who's receiving that base-level pay, right?

You're looking at, say, somebody in their late 20s who might have a couple of kids. Well, that income compared to his family size or her family size puts them at a place where they qualify for this food assistance.

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That's a benefit that they can take to the grocery store and use it to buy food. So what the president is proposing is to instead replace that with a box of really what are shelf-stable food items. Now I think it's important to mention they didn't actually release really any major details about this - how you would request this box, what would be in it, if you could change what's in it based on your dietary needs or really anything like that.

I think people are surprised to find how many military families access food banks. There are food banks in or around most military bases nationwide. I think people are surprised that military families struggle just like anybody else.

You know, I'll tell you. It's - it can be more of a struggle. Our society relies on a two-income household system. That's sort of an expectation now. Military spouses have a terrible time finding consistent employment.

Military families often move every two to three years. SIMON: I understand some military families have to deal with the complications of what's called the Basic Allowance for Housing that can wind up affecting how much food aid they might need or even can receive.

Can you explain that to us. It's essentially a paycheck plus-up that military families receive that's based on the zip code in which they live. By the way, where you live is ordered by Uncle Sam, right? So you don't have any say in this matter really.

So this amount of money that's based on where you live is counted as your income when they look at whether or not you qualify for the SNAP program. OK, so why does that matter? So there are a lot of advocates who are working very hard to get this allowance discluded from that income. All rights reserved. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at www.

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Army-Navy: Why the Midshipmen hold the edge and should snap Army's streak in Saturday's match-up

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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

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